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As for those who strive in Us,

We surely guide them to Our paths (Quran)

Narrated Umar ibn Al-Khattab's saying, "There were two things in Jahiliyyah, one of them makes me cry and the other one makes me laugh. The one that makes me cry; I had taken a daughter of mine to bury her alive and I was digging the hole for her while she was dusting my beard off without knowing what I am planning for her, then when I remember that I cry. And the other one is that I used to make a God of dates that I put over my head to guard me during the night, then when I woke up in a well state I would eat it, and whenever I remember that I laugh at myself.”

Source: Adwa Al-Bayan Fi Idhah Al-Qur'aan Bil Qur'aan. Vol. 9, Pg. # 63.

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The day when Umar ibn Al-Khattab buried his daughter alive!