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Siyar A'lam Al-Nubala by Imam Ath-Thahabi is described to be the most referenced biographical layers of Hadith transmitters for the Sunni school of Islam. In the above scanned page, Ath-Thahabi mentioned that Umar named the son of Imam Ali (a.s.) with his name and gifted him with a slave called "Muwarriq"(1). Here is a translation of what ‘AlBrhan Portal’ has written in this regard:

“Imam Ath-Thahabi and the historic sources reveal the lies of the Wahhabis! By revealing that Imam Ali (a.s.) did not name his son ‘Umar’ as the Wahhabis claim. But rather, it is Umar who named him with his name!! And because it is the Caliph who has issued  a command naming him with his great name(!) the people will certainly use the new name without asking the father whether he is satisfied with it or not.” (2).

Original Arabic Text:

"الإمام الذهبي وكتب التاريخ تكشف كذب الوهابية ! فالإمام علي لم يسم ابنه (عمر) كما تزعم الوهابية ! وإنما عمر بن الخطاب سماه باسمه !! ولأن الخليفة أصدر أمرا بتسميته باسمه العظيم (!) فإن الناس ستمتثل للتسمية الجديدة دون أن تسأل الأب عن رضاه بالاسم الجديد."


1. Siyar A'lam Al-Nubala by Imam Adh-Dhahabi (Publisher: Al-Resalah est.), Vol. 4, Pg. # 134.

2. Albrhan Portal, Available From Accessed on: Dec,3, 2015.

A description of the following related scanned page is given bellow:

Imam Ath-Thahabi and the History Sources reveal that Imam Ali (a.s.) did not name his son as “Umar”!