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As for those who strive in Us,

We surely guide them to Our paths (Quran)

introduction (islam in glance):

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

Peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

نعيد دائما التهنئة والتحية لذكرى ميلاد مولانا إمام

We always repeat our congratulations and greetings for
the anniversary of the birth of our master the Imam of the current time.

اللهم عجل فرجه الشريف, واجعلنا من رجاله وجنوده
رب العالمين

Oh Allah, hasten his noble return, and make us among
his men and soldiers, oh master of the worlds

اللهم صل على محمد واله الطيبين الطاهرين 

Oh Allah, send your blessings upon Muhammad and his
amicable and pure progeny

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In the name of Allah, the absolutely merciful, the
especially merciful

الحمد لله رب العالمين

All praise be to Allah, the master of the worlds

اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على نبينا محمد واله كما صليت
على سيدنا ابراهيم , وال سيدنا ابراهيم

Oh Allah have your peace and blessing upon our prophet
Muhammad and his progeny, as you had your peace and blessings upon our master
Abraham and his progeny

(Audience) اللهم صل على محمد واله الطيبين الطاهرين

ابدا حديثي كما كنت ابدا حديثي في مصر , فسمحولي
قولوا معي:

I am starting my speech as I was used to start my
speeches in Egypt,
so please say with me:

نستغفر الله العظيم

We seek forgiveness from Allah the almighty

نستغفر الله العظيم

We seek forgiveness from Allah the almighty

نستغفر الله العظيم

We seek forgiveness from Allah the almighty

الذي لا اله الا هو

Allah, whom there is no God but him

الذي لا اله الا هو

الحي القيوم ,

The ever-living, the sustainer of life.

الحي القيوم ,

ونتوب اليه ,

And we repent to him

ونتوب اليه  

ونساله التوبة والمغفرة ,

And we ask him to accept our repentance and to forgive

ونساله التوبة والمغفرة

والنجاة من النار

And to be saved from the hell fire

انه هو التواب الرحيم ,

Allah is the ever-forgiving the most merciful

ربنا اغفر لنا ,

Our lord forgive us

وتب علينا

And accept our repentance

انك انت التواب الرحيم

You are the ever forgiving the most merciful

نشهد ان لا اله الا الله

We bear witness that there is no God but Allah

وحده لا شريك له

He is the Absolute One. There is no Partner to Him

الها واحدا 

لا نعبد الا اياه

We worship none but him

مخلصين له الدين

We are sincere to him in religion

ولو كره الكافرون

Even if the disbeliever may hate this

ونشهد ان محمدا عبده ورسوله

And we bear witness that Muhammad is his slave servant
and messenger

ارسله بالهدى , ودين الحق

He has sent him with guidance and the religion of

ليظهره على الدين كله

To make it victorious over all other religions

ولو كره المشركون

Though the disbelievers may hate this

ونشهد ان عليا ولي الله , وحجته

And we bear witness that Ali is the vicegerent of
Allah and his argument

امير المؤمنين حقا

Truly he is the commander of the faithful  

ولو كره المنافقون

Though the hypocrites may hate this

رضينا بالله ربا

We have accepted Allah as our Lord

وبالاسلام دينا 

And have accepted Islam as our religion, 

وبمحمد نبيا ورسولا

and Muhammad as our prophet and messenger

وبعلي اماما , ووليا

And we have accepted Ali as our Imam and our master

وبسادتنا الحسن , والحسين , وعلي ابن الحسين , ومحمد
ابن علي , وجعفر ابن محمد , وموسى ابن جعفر , وعلي ابن موسى , ومحمد ابن علي , وعلي
ابن محمد , والحسن ابن علي , والحجة الطاهرة ابن الحسن ائمة , وقادة , وسادة

And have accepted our masters Hasan, Hussain, Ali the
son of Hussain, Muhammed the son of Ali, Jaffer the son of Muhammed, Musa the
son of Jaffer, Ali the son of Musa, Muhammed the son of Ali, Ali the son of
Muhammed, Al Hassan the son of Ali, and the pure sign the son of Al Hassan as
our imams, leaders and masters

بهم نتولى

We take them as allies 

ومن عدوهم نتبرىء

And we dissociate from their enemies

نقول بقولهم في كل القضايا والاشياء

We say what they say, in every matter and in

ونعتقد اعتقادهم

We believe in what they believe in

ونوالي من والوا

We take as friends whoever they take as friend

ونعادي من عادوا

And we take as enemies whoever they take as enemies

فاللهم ثبتنا على ولائهم حتى نلقاك , وانت راض عنا

Oh Allah, make us stand firm on associating with them
till we meet you While you are satisfied with us

اللهم امين

Oh Allah Accept our invocation

اللهم امين

اللهم امين

 اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد الطيبين الطاهرين 

دائما ابدا كنت اقول للاحباب دروسي وكلماتي تدور
حول :

I always used to say to my beloved audiences that the
axis of my lessons and speeches is the following:

توحيد الله عز وجل

 The oneness of
Allah, Exalted and Majestic is He is he

نبوة النبي محمد صلى الله عليه واله

The prophethood of our prophet Muhammad peace be upon
him and his progeny

ساداتنا اهل البيت

And our masters, the household of the prophet.

كنت اقول لهم أتقنوا هذه الاصول الثلاثة

I used to tell them, you master these three pillars

وبعد ذلك لا يهمكم شيئا بعد ذلك عرفتوه  ام جهلتوه

And after that, knowing or being ignorant of whatever
beyond these three pillars is insignificant in comparison to them…

المهم هذه الاصول الثلاثة

What is vital are these three pillars

وحدانية الله

The oneness of Allah 

نبوة محمد ابن عبدالله

The prophethood of Muhammed, the son Abdullah

ولاية امير المؤمنين , والائمة الطاهرين

The vicegerency of the master of the faithful, Ali,
and the pure imams

Ali is the key of understanding monotheism

لان الذي درسناه في الازهر في التوحيد فيه شطط كبير

This is because, what we have studied in Al Azhar university, in relation to the oneness of Allah, has major flaws

من اراد ان يعرف الله حق المعرفة , فليأخذ من النبع

Whoever wants to know Allah with true knowledge, must
take his knowledge from the pure spring

نبع امير المؤمنين

The spring of the master of the faithful

كنت القبه منذ صغري القب مولانا علي

since I was young, I used to address our master Ali

اقول انه مفتاح التوحيد , ومصباح التفريد

I say that he is the key of understanding monotheism,
and the lantern of recognizing Uniqueness of Allah

هذه الكلمة أْلهمتها

I have been inspired this phrase

لا قراتها في كتاب

I did not read it in a book

ولا لقني بها احد  

Nor anybody has taught it to me

وانما ألهمتها

But rather I have been inspired to say it

وهي من بركاته

And it is of his blessings

وهو حقا كذلك

And he is truly like that

 مصباح التوحيد

The lantern to understand the oneness of Allah

لان الدراسة في علوم الازهر في التوحيد شائكة , ومملوءة

This is because studying oneness of Allah in Al-Azhar
Sciences is thorny, and full of flaws

وكم مرة صرخت في حلقات التلفزيون , واقول لهم:

And many a time I have raised my voice in the
televised episodes Saying:

اسئلتكم بالله .

: I ask you by Allah

ماذا يقصد ابن تيمية بقوله ان الله ينزل الى سماء
الدنيا كل ليلة ؟

What does Ibn Timiya mean by saying that Allah descend
to the lowly heaven every night? 

في الثلث الاخير من الليل

In the last third of the night

مش عارف

How does he say something like this?

النزول يكون كيف ...يعني؟

How the descending is?

وأي ثلث أخير؟

And which last third?

الثلث الاخير في اي قارة من العالم؟

The last third of which content of the earth?

معروف ان الشمس تدور والزمن مستمر

As it’s known that the earth is rotating, and time is

فقد يكون هنا اول الليل وفي دولة اخرى اخر الليل

It may be that at the same time that we are here at
the beginning of the night, in another country it’s the end of the it

وفي دولة اخرى الصباح وفي دولة اخرى في المساء .

And it’s morning in one country, and in another
country it’s night

كنت اقول اسئلوا , وركزوا , وافهموا , تعقلوا .

I used to say: ask, concentrate, understand and use

لما نأتي الى امير المؤمنين في هذا المقال البليغ
, البديع

When we turn to the master of the faithful, in the
following eloquent and creative saying him:

وهو يقول مولانا الامام يقول:

In which our mater the Imam says:

 الحق تعالى ليس من شيء

Allah, the truth, exalted is he, is not from anything

ولا في شيء

Nor in anything

ولا على شيء

Nor is he on anything

ولا فوقه شيء

Nor anything is above him

اذ لو كان من شيء لكان مخلوقا

Had Allah been from something, He would be a created

ولو كان في شيء لكان محفورا

Had Allah been in something, He would be implanted

ولو كان على شيء لكان محمولا  

Had Allah been on something, He would be carried

ولو كان فوقه شيء لكان مقهورا

Had anything be over Allah, He would be oppressed

تعالى الله عن ذلك علوا كبيرا

Exalted is Allah above all of that with a highly

الم اقل لكم انه مفتاح التوحيد ومصباح التفريد .

Did not I say to you that Imam Ali is the key of
understanding monotheism, and the lantern of recognizing the Uniqueness of

فتوحيد الله عز وجل يقتضي أن لا تقارنه بأي وصف من
أوصاف الخلق

So the oneness of Allah obliges you not to compare any
of his attributes with those of humans

كما قال مولانا أبو عبدا لله الصادق

As our master Imam Abu-Abdullah, Al-Sadiq has said:

كل ما خطر ببالك فهو هالك والله بخلاف ذلك

Anything that can be subjected to your imagination is to perish,
and Allah is different than that

كل ما خطر ببالك

اي شيء يتصوره فكرك او خيالك فاعلم ان الله بخلاف

Make it known to yourself that anything that you can
visualize by  your mind or imagination is
something different than Allah  

اعلم انه تعالى منزه عن ذلك .

Know that Allah is exalted from that

وصفوه بأوصاف في العلوم التي تدرس في الأزهر:

They assigned attributes to Allah in the sciences that
are taught in Al-Azhar Institute

وصفوه بأن له صفات سلبية وصفات وجوبية،

They described him as having attributes whose
existence is necessary and attributes whose existence are impossible

ومعلوم بأن الصفة غير الموصوف؛

And it’s known that every attribute is different from
that to which it is attributed

إذن هؤلاء لا يعبدون الله إنما يعبدون أصناما متعددة،

Hence, these people don’t worship Allah, but rather
they worship different idols

فمن أراد التوحيد الصحيح،

So whoever wants to understand the true monotheism…

هذه القضية الخطيرة،

Which is the critical issue…

من أراد القضية الصحيحة،

Whoever wants to find the case of truth..

فعليه أن يسلك درب آل المصطفى-

He must follow the path of the family, of the chosen

اللهم صلي على محمد وآل محمد.  اللهم
صلي على محمد وآل محمد.  

Attributes of Prophet Muhammad SAWA

أما عن النبي المصطفى محمد

As of the chosen prophet, Muhammad

(اللهم صل عليه وعلى آله الطيبين الطاهرين) 

فالنبي إنسان هذا الوجود،

The prophet is the Human of this universe

الإنسان الكامل المكمل،

The perfect, the perfected Human

إنسان هذا الوجود

حاز الكمال "والسوفاء" في كل شيء.

He was blessed with the perfection and the lead in

أحد الناس سألني في بعض الدروس وقال لي:

A person has asked me in one of my classes and said:

ما الفرق بيني وبين النبي؛

What is the difference between me and the prophet?

كل الموضوع إن الوحي كان بينزل عليه بس.

The whole issue is that the revelation was descending
upon him, and not upon me, that’s all! 

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله.

There is no initiative nor power except with

قلت له هو ذي الفرق كان بينزل على النبي وبس،

I told him: Is this the only difference? that the
revelation was descending upon the prophet, and nothing more?!

قل لي آه،

He said yes!

شوف بس تعالى نبحث أنا وأنت سوا وبس شوف،

I told him, look, let us only discuss this matter,
both of us together, and then you decide for yourself…

ندرس صفات سيدنا الرسول،

Let us study the attributes of our master the prophet

وشوف إنت أي صفة شبيهة من صفات النبي.

And you find which of these attributes are similar to

أمك لما حملت بك ماذا جرى ؟

I asked him:, when Your mother was pregnant with you,
what happened?

قال لي لا أدري

He replied: I don’t know

أنا مش عارف أي لما حملت بي شو إلي حصل

He added: I don’t know when she was pregnant with me
what happened

هو أنا كنت مدرك؟!

Had I recognition at that time?

كنت تسألها،

 I told him: you can ask her!

إسئلها وشوف،

Ask her and see

“دو” المعروف
أن السيدة اما حملت في أول الحمل ترى مرائي مفزعة،

I told him: It’s known that when a woman becomes
pregnant, she sees frightening dreams at the beginning of her pregnancy…

بيحصل لها عملية القيء والترجيع،

She experiences the symptoms of vomiting and throwing up

لمقدمات الحمل والحاجة الي بتحصل.

Where these are among the usual early symptoms of

قلت له أم سيدنا رسول الله كانت تستمتع كل ليلة من
ليالي حمله بمشاهدة أحد الأنبياء والمرسلين

I told him that during every night of her pregnancy
with him, the mother of our master the prophet was enjoying seeing one of the
prophets and messengers 

يبشرها بأن الذي حملت به هو سيدهم وأستاذهم.

They were giving her the glad tidings that the one she
is pregnant with is their master and leader

ولما ولد؟

And what about When he was delivered? 

أتدري ماذا جرى وأنت تولد ؟

Do you know what happened while you were being

قال لي أنا بشوف لعيال وهي بتنولد بينزل معاها دم
وكذا وكذا

He said: I see that when babies are being delivered,
blood comes out with them and so on and so on

وقلتلو رسول الله لما ولد رسول الله خرج معه نور

I told him that when the messenger of all was
delivered, a light came out with him

رأت أمه قصور "بصرى" ببلاد الشام على هذا

His mother saw the palaces of “Busra” of the countries
of the Levant which
were illuminated by this light

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد.

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد.

قلتلو أن رسول الله لما ولد في مكة المكرمة بلد الله

I told him that when the messenger of Allah was  born, in 
Mecca, the sanctified town of Allah 

أحيطت مكة بكوكبة من الملائكة بقيادة جبريل.

Mecca was
surrounded by a constellation of angels led by Gabriel

إبليس لما حس إن في خطر

When Iblis, satan the devil, felt that there is a

جاء يركض

He came in running

قابله السيد جبريل وضربه بالرجل "بالشلوت “

Gabriel, the master has met him and stricken him with
his feet,

أعطاه "شلوت" ووداه عدن،

He kicked him and sent him to Aden!

من مكة إلى عدن

From Mecca to Aden

امهلني" فإني من المنظرين.

He told him: give a respite as I am among the ones
given respite.

“أهو” لأن الأكوان
كلها تحتفل ليلة مولد رسول الله.

That is because all the worlds celebrate the night of
the birth of the messenger of Allah.

الله يحتفل بمولد حبيبه،

Allah celebrates the birth of his beloved servant 

شوف المعجزات التي حصلت:

Look at these miracles that happened:

"نكست الأصنام"

The idols were toppled

وإيوان كسرى تصدع

The palace of the Persian King Khosrow cracked

وبحيرة "سيوا"،

The lake
of Sawa dried up

كل هذه المعجزات  بس تنبيه على أن مولود الليلة غير عادي

All of these miracles are nothing but indications that
the one born that night was extraordinary

"قلتلو" تعالى بقى للصفات.

I told him: let us now consider the attributes

إنت لما بتمشي أليس لك ظل،

You, when you walk, is not it that there is a shadow
for you

قلي آه لي ظل.

He said: Yes I have a shadow

قلت له رسول الله ليس له ظل.

I said, the messenger of Allah has no shadow 

قلي ليه ما كانش له ظل؟

He said: why he has no shadow

قلتلو: أولاً حتى لا يدوسوه الناس بأقدامهم؛

I told him: first, so that people don’t step over his
shadow with their feet

لأن الناس وهي ماشية في الظل ممكن واحد يدوس على
واحد وهو في ظله.

Because when people walk in the shade, it may be that
someone step over the shadow of the head of another, while he is in his shadow

فحتى ينزه الله حبيبه أنه لا ظل له حتى لا يوطىء
بالاقدام لم يكن له  ظل

So, in order that Allah exalts
his beloved one from having a shadow that can be stepped on by feet he created
him with no shadow

هذه أولاً.

That is number one

ثانياً: المعروف أن النور الضعيف له ظل في النور

Second: It’s known that the weak light has a shadow in
the stronger light

ونور النبي نوره أقوى من نور الشمس والقمر

And the light of the prophet is stronger than the
light of the sun and the moon

يعني من المفروض الشمس والقمر لهما ظل في نوره صلى
الله عليه وآله

This meams that the sun and the moon must have shadow
in his light peace be upon him and his progeny

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد. 

قلت له أنت لما بتمشي أترى من خلفك،

I told him: when you walk, do see from behind your

قلي هو أنا بعرف أشوف من قدام لما أشوف من ورا؟!

He said: Am I able to properly see from in front of me
let alone being able to see from behind my back?!

قلتلو طيب، حضرة النبي كان إذا مشى يرى من خلفه،
كما يرى من أمامه

I told him: when his holiness, the prophet, walks, he
sees from behind his back as he sees from in front of him

وأنشدته الأبيات:

And I recited the following poetic lines to him:

خص نبينا بعشر خصال

Our prophet has been exclusively blessed with ten

 لم يحتلم قط ولا له ظلال

He never has had a wet dream, nor there is a shadow
for him

والأرض ما يخرج منه تبتلع

And the land swallow whatever comes out of him

 كذلك الذباب عنه ممتنع

Also, flies are banned from him 

يرى من خلفه كما يرى أمام

He sees from behind his back as he sees from in front
of him

تنام عيناه والقلب لا ينام

His eyes sleep, but his heart does not

 لم يتثاءب قط وهي السابعة

He never yawned, and this is the seventh attribute

 ولد مختونا إليها تابعة

And was born circumcised, which is another attribute
belonging to the previous ones

يعلو جلوسه جميع الجلسا

When sitting, he is higher than all those who sit with

صلى عليه الله صبحا ومسا

Allah peace is upon him, day and night

تعرفه الدواب حين يركب

The animals know him when he mounts

 تأتي إليه سرعة لا تهرب

They approach him with speed and don’t escape

صلوا على محمد وآل محمد

Recite prayer upon our prophet Muhammed and his progeny

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد.

قلتلو حضرة النبي كان يرى من خلفه، كما يرى من أمامه.

I told him: when his holiness, the prophet, walks, he
sees from behind his back as he sees from in front of him

قال لي: عجيبة! كيف؟

He said: This is strange! Explain it?

قلت له: هي دي خصوصية

I told him,
this is a special attribute

الله سبحانه وتعالى  "توج" قلبه الشريف بنور يرى به من الخلف
كما يرى من الأمام،

exalted and high is he, has crowned the prophet’s honoured heart with light,
through which he sees from behind his back as he sees from in front of

دي قضية مشهورة يا أحباب.

This is a well know case, oh you beloved brothers

"جد بني" مروان عليه لعنة الله كان يمشي
مشية ً يستهزيء فيها بمشية التبي.

The grand
father of The Children of Marwan, may Allah’s curse be upon him, was walking in
a manner by which he was mocking the walk of the prophet

خله سيدنا النبي ماش هو أعمى في عينه فكر النبي مش
شايفه من الخلف.

He left our
master the prophet walking, and because he was blind from seeing the truth, he
thought that the prophet was not seeing him from behind his back 

خله النبي ماش - الحكم أبي مروان عليهم لعنة الله
جميعاً-  وأخرج لسانه استهزاءاً بحضرة النبي

He- that is
Al-Hakam the father of Marwan May Allah curse be upon them All- left the
prophet walking and stuck out his tongue, ridiculing his holiness the prophet

الرسول وهو ماشي لم يلتفت - أنه كان صلى الله على
حضرته وآله الطيبين الطاهرين…

The messenger
did not turn back, while he was walking- which is in accordance to his customs,
May Allah peace be upon his holiness and his pure and amicable progeny…

وهو ماش قال له فض الله فاك فسقطت أسنانه كلها.

While he was walking, he told him: May Allah shut your
mouth, and suddenly, all of his teeth fell out.

مرة مشى برضو كده بيتهزهز كده  على إنه بيستهزيء
بمشية النبي

In another incident, he walked like this, swinging
like this, acting as to mock the walk of the prophet

فقال له النبي كن كذلك

At that
moment the prophet told him: Be like this

صار يمشي طول حياته على هذا الحال

He became – for the remaining of his life- walking
like that

شلل كامل ويشي بقى يتمرجح وهو مش عارف كيف بيمشي

He has been inflicted with paralysis that kept him
swinging while walking, and not knowing how to walk 

بسبب استهزائه "لحضرة" النبي،

That is because of him ridiculing of his holiness the

ولذلك لما سئلوا أمير المؤمنين صلوات الله عليه وسلامه


That is why when they asked the master of the
faithful, May Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him…

الإمام حيي الله مولانا الإمام…

The Imam, May Allah Salutations be upon our master the

كنت دائما أقول له:

I used to say to him:

يا علي العلى يا إمام الورى

Oh you Ali of exaltation, oh you the Imam of humanity

يا علي العلى يا إمام الورى

بيسألو؛ بيقولوا له، الملاعين بنو مروان

 The accursed ones, the children of
Marwan, were asking the Imam, saying to him,:

بيقولوا له:

لماذا تنسب الحسن والحسين لرسول الله، وهما ولداك؟

Why do you attribute Imam Hasan and Imam Hussain to
the prophet as sons, while they are your sons? 

آيه أولاد النبي ده؟

How do say “the sons of the prophet”?

هما ولداك أنت.

While they are the your sons?

قال الإمام: لو لم يكونا ولدا رسول الله كنت صدقت
في ادعائكم ضد النبي أنه الأبتر.

The imam replied, if they are not the sons of the
prophet, then I would have approved your claim against the prophet that he is
“the one cut off”

ما هم قالوا أنه أبتر.

As they said that the prophet is cut off.

وما لوهش ذرية.

And has no descendants.

ونزلت السورة الكريمة: إنا أعطيناك الكوثر...

And the honored Quranic chapter was revealed, which

Indeed we granted you, o Muhammed, Al-Kawther, the
Fount..[till the end of the Sura]

أتدرون ما الكوثر؟    

Do you what Al-Kawther is?

الكوثر الزهراء، الزهراء.

Al-Kawther is Fatima, Alzahra, the daughter of the

مسألة الحوض يوم القيامة.

The blessing of the Fount of Al-Kawther on the day of

ده كله “من بركات” الزهراء.

All of this is because of the blessings of Al-Zahra’a


كوثر المصطفى، هو الزهراء.

She is the Kawther of the chosen prophet, she is Al-zahra’a

فصلي لربك وانحر.

The verses say: Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer
and Sacrifice

إن شانئك هو الأبتر.

For he who 
hateth thee -- he will be cut off.

عدوك ومشينك هو الأبتر.

This means: your enemy and the one insulting you is
the cut off.

أنت لا. أنت ذريتك باقية، والحمد لله.

You are not cut off. Your descendants will remain, and
thanks to Allah.

أهو، في كل زكان ومكان نرى ذرية رسول الله.

Here we are, in every time and every place we see the
descendants of the messenger of Allah.

فكان يرى من خلفه كما يرى من أمامه.

So the prophet sees from behind his back as he sees
from in front of him 

النهارده أي واحد بنام بالليل ممكن يدخل الليل حرامي
يسرق البيت كله.

Nowadays, when anyone sleeps at night, it’s possible
that a thief may inter his home and steal what so ever in the house.

ويمكن "يفتشهم ويأخذ" اللي  في جيوبهم كمان.

He may even search them and take what is in their

حضرة النبي كانت تنام عيناه ولا ينام قلبه.

As his Holiness, the prophet, his eyes sleep and his
heart does not

وذلك ثابت بالأدلة الصحيحة.

And this is proven by undeniable proofs

بل كان ينام ويقوم من النوم يصلي.

Rather, he used to sleep and establish the prayer
directly after his wake up.

فلما سألته عائشة: لقد نمت، لقد سمعت غطيطك.

So when Aysha, asked him: you have slept, I have heard
your breathing while you were sleeping

قال: يا عائشة، تنام عيناي ولا ينام قلبي.

He told her: Oh, Aysha, my eyes sleep but my heart
does not

قلت له، أأنت كذلك.

I told him: Are you like that?!

فال لي لا.

He said: No. 

قلت له: طيب، كان يوضع الطعام بين يدي رسول الله،

I told him: food was served in front of the prophet

الطعام كان يوضع،

وكل من  خدم
النبي كانوا يقولون:

And all of those who served the prophet used to say:

والله لا ندري أفي رفعه كان
أكثر؟ أم في وضعه كان أكثر.

By Allah, we don’t know, whether the
food was more when it was taken off, or when it was served.

واحنا بنحط الطعام يا ترى
هو أكثر.

Is it the case that when we were
serving the food it was more?

وإلا واحنا بنرفعه بعد النبي
ما أكل "ومن معه" كان أكثر.

Or is it the case that when we were
taking back the remaining of the food, after the prophet and those with him
have eaten, the food was more

بل قال أنس:

Rather, Anas has mentioned that:

كنا نسمع للقصعة تسبيح بين
يدي رسول الله.

We would hear Tasbih, that is prasing
for Allah, from the food in front of the prophet

الطعام كان فرحان إن النبي
حياكل منه!

The food was happy that the prophet
that the prophet was about to eat from it! 

قلت له: عرقك، تستطيع أن تشم

I asked him: What about your sweat?

Can you pleasantly smell your sweat?

خاصة إبطك، تقدر تشم رائحته،


Your armpit in specific, can you
pleasantly smell it?

قال لي: لا وحشة خالص

He told me, no, it’s  very unpleasant

قلت له: كانوا يأخذون عرق
النبي ويصلحون به الطيب والمسك.

I told him: they used to take the
sweat of the prophet and fix with it the perfume and the Musk.

سيدتنا الجليلة أم سلمة عليها
رضوان الله، كانت تأخذ عرق النبي "فيسألها"

Our great lady, Um Salama, May Allah
be pleased with her, was used to take the sweat of the prophet, and when asked

قالت نضعه لنصلح به الطيب
وإنه لمن أطيب الطيب.

She said: we add it to our perfume
and it becomes the most fragrant perfume

صل على محمد وآل محمد

الله أكبر على هذا النبي.

Allah is great. How great is his

كان الذي يصافح النبي يظل
24 ساعة

He who shakes hand with the prophet remains
24 hours …

 يعني صافح النبي الساعة السابعة

I mean that if someone has shaken
hand with the prophet at seven pm

يفضل لسبعة غدا

He remains until seven pm the next

يمسح على وجوه أولاده ويصافح

Where in between He wipes the faces of
his children, and shakes hand with his wife…

والرائحة رائحة يده من أثر

And the smell his hand his hand has
got because of his hand shaking with the prophet remains the same

قال البراء ابن عازب: 

Al-Bara’a Ibnu Azib said:

كنا أمام باب المسجد،

We used to be in front of the door of
the mosque

فكان النبي يخرج من صلاة الظهر
ونحن أطفال، يمسح على وجوهنا...

And the prophet used to come out
after the Noon prayer when we were young and wipe our faces

فو الله ما ممست حريراً ولا
خزاً ولا ديباجاً ألين من يد رسول الله،

By Allah, I never felt any piece of
silk or velvet softer than the palm of the Messenger of Allah  

وما شممت مسكا ولا طيباً،
أطيب من يد النبي.

Nor did I smell any musk or fragrance
more pleasant than the smell of Messenger of Allah

كأن يده أخرجت من "جونة"

As if his hand had been brought out
from the scent bag of a perfumer

كأن إيده
كانت في جونة عطار

فلت له هل أنت كرسول الله
في الصفات دي.

I told him, are you the same as the
messenger of Allah in these attributes

قال لي لا.  لا. "لا" خالص.

He told me no. No. Absolutely not

قلت له: طيب. طولك كم

I asked him: Ok. How tall are you in

قال لي: ما اعرفش.

He replied: I don’t know.

قلت له: عاوز طولك؟

I told him: do you want to know your

هات "فتله" وافرد
درعاتك كده ...

Bring a measuring tape and extend
your arms like this…

من الوسطى للوسطى.

from the middle finger of one hand to
the middle finger of the other…

أي واحد، وجربوها "الليلة"

It’s applicable to anybody…and you,
dear audience, try it tonight

أي واحد يفرد كده دراعه"ويقيس"
من الأوسط إلى الأوسط،

Anyone can extend his arms like this
and take the measurement from the middle finger to the middle finger

يساوي "تماماً"
من الجبهة إلى القدمين.

The measurement will be exactly equal
to the measurement from his forehead to his feet

أي واحد ولو كان قزماً.

This is applicable to anyone, even if
he is dwarf

هكذا هو هكذا؛ معروفة دي.

This measurement is equal to this
measurement, this is well known

العجيب أن حضرة النبي لم يكن
لحضرته طول مخصوص.

The amazing thing is that for his
holiness the prophet, there was no specific tallness

كان إذا مشى مع الطويل طاله.

When he walks with a tall man his
tallness was higher than that tall man

يعني لو جابوا أطوب واحد في
"مكة" أويمشي ويا النبي "يبقى النبي" أطول منه. 

This means that if they were to bring
the tallest man in Mecca
and he would walk with the prophet the prophet will be found to be taller than

إذا جلس كان كتفه أعلى الجالسين.

When sitting, his shoulders are the
highest among those who are sitting with him

وهما قاعدين كده في المجلس
كتف النبي أعلى شيء في المجلس.

When they are sitting like this in a
place, the shoulders of the prophet are the highest in that place

طب إذا مشى وحده؟

Ok, what about when he walks alone?

مربعاً لا طويلاً ولا قصيراً

He would be found to be of an average
tallness, neither tall nor short

ينسب إلى الربعة

He would be considered of an average

خذوا بالكم من الذات المحمدية.

Be aware of the Muhammadan essence

بجوار أطول الناس هو أطول

Besides the tallest man, he is taller
than him

في الجالسين كتفه أعلى الجالسين.

Among the sitting people, his
shoulder is the highest of them 

يمشي وحده، ينسب إلى الربعة؛
لا طويلاً ولا قصيراً.

Walking alone: considered of an
average height; neither tall nor short

الذات المحمدية عظيمة.

The Muhammadan essence is great

يوم فتح مكة أخذ أخوه الإمام،

In the day of conquest of Mecca, He has hold the
hand of Imam Ali, whom he proclaimed to be his brother

قال له تعالى عشان نطهر البيت
من الأصنام.

He told him: join me to purify the
house of Allah from idols

راحوا عند الكعبة

They went to the Ka’aba

فأراد الإمام أن يحمل رسول

The Imam wanted to lift the prophet…

جاء يشيل النبي فلم يقدر..

He tried to lift the prophet but he
was not able to do so..

الإمام فتى الفتوة،

The Imam, the hero of the youths

الذي ما غلبه وما سبقه أحد

The one who has never been overcome
or passed by any one…

ما قدرش 

"يشيل حضرة النبي مش بيقدر".

He tried to lift the prophet but he
was not able to do so..

"فا الرسول قال له
"..." " تعال... قدميه الشريفين في الكفتين الشريفتين.

So the messenger asked him to come
near…and the holy feet of Imam Ali were on the holy palms of the prophet

ورفعه إلى كتفيه، فكانت قدمي
الإمام بين كتفي رسول الله.

And the messenger lifted him to his
shoulders, where the feet of Imam Ali became between the shoulders of the
messenger of Allah

"يبقى" له حق بقى
العالم "إذا" أراد يمدح أمير المؤمنين:

This means that it was right when the
scholar who praised the master of the faithful said:

فالوا امتدح لأمير النحل قلت

They asked me to praise the prince of
the bees (i.e; s imam Ali), and I answered them:

ما مدحي ومدح الورى إلا من
بعض معناه.

All my praise and the praise of all
humanity to him can reveal nothing but some of his virtues

ماذا أقول بمن حطت له قدم

What can I say about a man whose foot
was landed

في موضع وضع الرحمن يمناه

In a position where Allah the most
merciful has foretime placed his right hand

اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد. 

فالذات المحمدية لها كرامتها
ولها كمالها ولها بهجتها العالية.

So the Mohammadan essence has its
honor, its perfectness, and its high joyfulness

لم يحتلم قط.

He has never had a wet dream

لأن الاحتلام من النفس ومن

This is because wet dreams are from
the inner-self and from the devil

وكذلك كل الأنبياء والأوصياء

The same is true for all the prophets
and the appointed vicegerents

المعصومون لا يحتلمون

The infallibles do not have wet

لم يحتلم قط، وما له ظلال.

He has never had a wet dream, nor there is a shadow
for him

ويرى من خلفه كما يرى من أمامه.

And he sees from behind his back as
he sees from in front of him

تعرفه الدواب حين يركب.

The animals know him when he mounts

الدواب اللي يركبها سيدنا
النبي لها "أسرار" تزيد على الدواب "المعروفة".

The animals which our master the
prophet rides have hidden attributes in addition in addition to the attributes
of the common animals  

يوم الهجرة ماذا قال النبي؟

On the day of Migration, what did the
prophet say?

لما كثر القول في بيت من ينزل؟

When there was much talk about in
whom house should he stay?

"مش ساب الناقة"
وقال اتركوها فإنها مأمورة.

Did not he leave the camel move
freely and said “let the camel; She is instructed where to

فإنها مأمورة.

بركت أمام باب أبو أيوب الأنصاري.

It crouched in front of the door of
the house of Abu Ayub Al-Ansari

حبيب النبي وحبيب آل البيت.

The lover of the prophet and the
lover of the prophet household

فإنها مأمورة!

سبحان الله، وهل تأمر الدواب؟

All Glory belongs to Allah, can
animals be instructed?

الدواب اللي بيركبها النبي

Animals that are ridden by the
prophet can be instructed 

ولذلك ليلة الهجرة وليلة الإسراء
والمعراج يعرفوك إن الدواب "اللي" ركبها رسول الله لها خصوصية ولها قوة خفية.

This is why the night of the
migration and the night of the Night Journey and Ascension inform you that the
animals that have been ridden by the messenger of Allah have peculiarities and
hidden powers.

يعلو جلوسه جميع الجلسا

When sitting, he is higher than all those who sit with

صلى عليه الله صبحا ومسا

Allah peace is upon him, day and

"اللهم صل على محمد وآل محمد"

The War against the prophet SAWA

"إنا لله"

We belong to Allah…

هذا النبي الكامل المعصوم
الذي اختاره الله وفضله وكرمه

This perfect infallible prophet, who
has been chosen, elevated, and honored by Allah

أثنى عليه ثناء في كتابه ما
رود له مثيل في جميع الرسل السابقين،

This prophet whom Allah has praised
in his Quran with unprecedented praise for any of the previous messengers

نفاجيء من الملاعين الأوائل
عليهم لعنة الله..

We are surprised that the early ones…

في مرض موته الشريف

When this noble prophet was in his
death illness

يقول ائتوني بقرطاس وقلم أكتب
لكم كتابا لا تضلوا بعده أبدا...

When he said Fetch me a
paper and a pen, to write for you a writing after which you will never go

اللهم العن من ضيع علينا هذا
الفرصة ودمر الأمة.

Oh Allah curse him who has caused us
to lose this opportunity and by doing so he has destroyed the nation…

العنه بكل لعائنك في أرضك وسمائك.

يريد الملاعين أن يحولوا بين
رسول الله وبين هذه النعمة الكبرى.

They wanted to set a barrier between
the messenger of Allah and this great bounty

أكتب لكم كتابا لا تضلوا بعده

He said: “to write for you a writing
after which you will never go astray”

لو أن أمير المؤمنين تربع
في مقامه الذي أقامه الله فيه.

If the master of the faithful was
established on the position that Allah has decreed for him

كانت حرقت السنة؟

Would the Sunnah (that is the
tradition) of the prophet be burnt?

كان حرف القرآن؟

Would the Quran be distorted?

كان ضيعت الأحكام؟

Would the legislations of Allah be

كانت الأمة عاشت في دمار إلى

Would the nation have lived in
destruction up until now?

نحن الآن في زمان أحقر شخصية
على وجه الأرض هي الشخصية المسلمة؛

We are now living in a time wherein
the most humiliated personality on the face of the earth is the Muslim

أحقر شخصية... 

بسبب ما فعله الملاعين الأوائل.

This is because of what the early
ones have done

المسلمين كل واحد في جهة.

Every one of the Muslims is in a
different side…

كل واحد في ناحية.

Every one has a different position..

كل واحد في اتجاه.

Everyone is in a different direction…

ما فيش توحيد في الأمة.

There is no unity in the Ummah

"نحن" المفروض أمة

We are supposed to be one nation

كم قالها الله في كتابه

How many times did Allah say it in
his Holy Scripture,

لكن أهوه

But here we are…

هذا يرى هذا الشي جميل، والآخر
يراه قبيح.

One person sees a particular thing to
be good, while another one sees it to be bad.. 

وهكذا وهكذا وهكذا.

And so on, and so on, and so on

في "الدنيا" أمة
عاقلة تترك الحسن والحسين وتأخذ على أبو حنيفة "ومالك" ؟

Is there a nation in this whole world
that will leave Imam Hasan and Imam Hssain and hold on Abu Hanifa?

"ومال" ايه أبو حنيفة؟

And what abu Haneefa is?

شفتوا البلاء؟

Have you seen this infliction?

شفتوا البلاء اللي احنا فيه؟

Have you seen the infliction that we
are in?

واللي احنا عايشينه؟

And that we are living?

أسيب الحسن والحسين بجلالهما

Should I leave Hasan and Hussain,
with all their glory and perfection

، تربيا في أخضان جدهما،

Who have been nurtured in the lap of
their grandfather the prophet..

  شربا من معين
الرسالة الصافي،

Who have been fed by the pure spring
of the message

أسيب الحسن والحسين،
"وأقول" قول أبي حنيفة؟ ينفع؟

Should I leave Hasan and Hussain and
follow the sayings of Abu Hanifa, is this of any use?

لا إله إلا الله،

There is no God but Allah

إنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.

We belong to Allah and to him we

اللهم عظم أجورنا في هذا البلاء.

Oh Allah, increase our reward for
being faced with this infliction

أمير المؤمنين، أمير المؤمنين

The master of the faithful, The
master of faithful is Ali.

"يبقى" الله ربي.
النبي رسولي. علي إمامي.

So Allah is my lord, the prophet is
my messenger, and Ali is my Imam

خلاص انتهت المسألة

That’s it. It ends here

. ماعادش في حاجة.

There is nothing more …

أنا أصلاً
مش مطالب بحاجة بعد كده.

كل واحد منكم يثبت نفسه على
هذه القواعد:

Everyone of you must establish
himself firmly on these pillars

من ربك؟ الله ربي.

Who is your lord? Allah is my lord

من نبيك؟ محمد نبيي ورسولي.

Who is your prophet? Muhammed is my
prophet and Messenger?

صل على محمد وآل محمد"

من إمامك؟ علي وليي وإمامي.

Who is your Imam? Ali is my master
and my Imam

خلاص. أنت مش مطوب منك حاجة
بعد كده.

That is all. Your are not required of
anything beyond this

العبادات "تأديها"
وخلاص. انتهت القصة.

You perfume your religious duties and
that’s it. It ends here…

لكن العقائد كلها ملخصة.

However, all the beliefs are
summarized in this.

الله ربي. صدق في كل ما قاله
ربي الله.

Allah is my lord. He is has spoken
the truth in all that he said…

محمد نبيي.

Muhammad in my messenger  

صدق في كل ما بلغه عن الله.

He said the truth in all that he
delivered from Allah

لا يقول إلا الحق.

He says nothing but the truth

رسول الله لا ينطق إلا بالحق.

The messenger of Allah speaks nothing
but the truth

إنما الملاعين، هذه الشرذمة
القذرة، أحطوا من قدر النبي.

However, the accursed ones, this
small lowly group, they have degraded the status of the prophet…

وقللك لا هوه فيما يبلغ عن
الله بس

And they claimed that he is
infallible only when it comes to delivering from Alllah

لكن بعدد كده له آراءه واجتهاداته

However, beyond that; he has his own
opinions and deductions

ممكن تكون كاملة وممكن...

These opinions and deduction may be
perfect and may be…

وطلعوا قصص خيبانة...

And they fabricated failing stories…

شوف: "باقولك" إنه
فات على جماعة بأبروا النخل...

Look: they say that he passed by a
group of people Pollinating the palm trees… 

فال لهم : ما بلاش؟

He said: Don’t do it.

ما بلاش؟ّ! ليه؟!

“Don’t do it?!” Why?

حضرة النبي بيشوف ناس بتأدي
مهمة زراعية معروفة "يقول" بلاش؟ّ!

On seeing people performing known
duties related to agriculture the prophet says “Don’t do it”?!

ده معناته إنه يدعي للبلطجة
وإلا إيه؟

Does this mean that the prophet calls
for thuggery or what?

يعني إيه؟ يعني إيه بلاش؟!

What does it mean? What does it mean
“Don’t do it”

شفت الأكاذيب؟

Have you seen the lies?!

وبعدين النخل "باظ"
وما نفعش وطلع "شيص".

Then the palm trees were spoiled and
became useless and resulted in unripe dates

قام قال لهم أنتم أعلم بأمور

Then, according to the story, he said
to them “You are more knowledgeable in matters related to your own life”

وأنا أعلم بأمور دينكم

And I am more knowledgeable in the
matters related to your religion

مثل اللي فال عندنا لا دين
في السياسة ولا سياسة في الدين.

Similar to him among us who said No
religion in politics and no politics in religion

إيه ده؟! إزاي يعني؟!

What is this?! I mean how?!

هو في حاجة اسمها دين ودنيا؟!

Can it be exclusively said for
anything that this is of religion or this is of life?

ما هو الدين ماش معاك في كل

Religion is following you in

ده الرسول بتعاليمه الدينية

The messenger in his religious
teaching is joining you

يدخلك حجرة النوم...بيعرفك
ازاي تنام.

His teachings join you when you enter
the bed room…He shows you how to sleep

على أي جنب تنام؟        

On which side you should sleep

وتقول إيه قبل أن تنام؟

What to say before you sleep 

ولما تصحى في الليل تقول إيه؟

What to say when you wake up during
the night

ولما تستيقظ في الصباح تقول

What to say when you wake up at the

ليك زوجة تستمتع بها...تقول
إيه قبل ما تعمل حاجة؟

If you have a wife whom you
enjoy…what to say before you approach her

وتعمل ازاي في الجماع؟

What directions you should follow
during the intercourse

ازاي تجامع.

في دخول الحمام...

In entering the toilet

ويدخلك الحمام ويطلعك...

His teachings join you when you enter
the toilet and when you get out of it

"تدخل" باليمنى
وتخرج باليسرى.

He tells you to enter with your right
foot and get out with your left foot

وتقول إيه وإنت داخل؟

He tells you what to say when you

وتقول إيه وإنت طالع؟

And what to say when you get out 

وإنت بتاكل؟

When you are eating

وأنت إذا جلست للدرس تقول

What to say when you are sitting for
a lesson

وإذا جلست للقضاء؟

When you are sitting to judge

في حاجة بقى خارجة عن أمور

Is there anything left out side

ما "هو" الرسول
صحبك بتعاليمه الشريفة في كل شيء.

The messenger is joining you with his
honorable teachings in everything

صحبك في
كل شيء.

يقولك لا!

They say no.

لا ده كان النبي نايم.

They claim that the prophet was once

اسمع بس. شوف التأليف اللي
كان بيحصل.

You only hear …look at the
fabrication that is taking place…

 تأليف قذر. "يألفوا"
على سيدنا النبي.

Filthy fabrication…they fabricate on
our master the prophet

النبي نايم وجاريتان تغنيان...

They claim that prophet was sleeping
while two female singers were singing

فدخل أبو بكر وقال: أمزمارة
الشيطان في بيت رسول الله.

In the Meanwhile Abu Bakr
entered and [seeing the singers] he said: Satanic musical instruments in the
presence of the messenger of Allah?!

فالرسول "قال له" لا دعهن يا أبا بكر، إن هذا يوم عيد.

So the messenger said to him: Let
them o Abu Bakr. This day is a day of Eid Festival

فدخل عمر...

Later on ‘Umar came

جريوا خافوا...

They fled away and frightened…

جريوا خافوا جريوا...يا سلام!

They fled away and frightened…They
fled away…What a story?!

فالرسول قال له: إن الشيطان
ليخشاك ياعمر.

At this point the messenger told him:
even Satan fears you oh Umar

يا سلام. أعوذ بالله.

What a story…I seek refuge in Allah

مش بيقولك النبي في حالة الغضب...

Is not it that they say that what the
prophet says in the states of anger is so and so..

(وأكتب عنك يا رسول الله في
حالة الغضب)؟

Which caused a companion to ask him:
O Messenger of Allah, should I write everything which I hear from you?"

'In pleasure and displeasure?"

يقول آه، اكتب عني فإني لا
أقول إلا حقا.

And the prophet Yes: Write! For
indeed nothing emerges from my tongue except the truth!

شفتوا الناس؟ شفتوا العقول؟

Have you seen these
people? Have you seen these minds?

 طب ازاي؟

But how?! 

“لرسول” الكامل المكمل المعصوم الذي لا ينطق عن الهوى!

He is the perfect, the
perfected, the infallible messenger, who does not speak out of lust

الله أكبر.

Allah is great

Ali a.s., the master of the faithful

تعالوا إلى مولانا أمير المؤمنين.

Let us turn now to talk
about our master; the master of the faithful

اللهم صل على محمد
وآل محمد.



الله أكبر؛

اسمه معجزة.

His name is a miracle.

علي "اسمُ" معجزة.

Ali is a miraculous name.

أول معجزة في أمير المؤمنين

The first miracle about the
master of the faithful is his name

أولاً: اسمه من أسماء الله.

First: his name is one of
the names of Allah

ولا يجوز التسمية بأسماء الله
مطلقاً، وإنما

And it’s absolutely
forbidden to name after the names of Allah…However

وإنما اسمٌ خلعه الله على
وليه كرامة منه إليه.

However, it was a name
that Allah has bestow up on his vicegerent, as an honor from himself toward him

اسم من أسماء الله.

العجيب أن الاسم يقع اسم ويقع
فعل ويقع حرف.

An amazing thing about the
name Ali is that it comes as a name, it comes as a verb and it comes as a
conjunction article. 

علي هي نفس الحرف
"على". علي هو نفس الفعل "على~" ما "خذينا" في القراءات
: (الرحمن على العرش اسوى~) يعني في إمالة كبرى "على~"ه" " هي
هي الحروف كما هي.

الاسم يقع اسم
وفعل وحرف.

مش موجود"ه" دي
"في" أي اسم من الأسماء.

This attribute is not
available in any other name…

ميلاده معجزة.

His birth was miracle.

في مرة أنا بتكلم عن ميلاد
أمير المؤمنين …

Once I was talking about the birth of the master of the faithful…

"ويقول" أنه الوحيد الذي ولد داخل الكعبة،

And I was saying that he
is the only one that was born inside the Ka’aba

فواحد قال لي يمكن فيما مضى

So a person told me it may
be that someone was born before him inside the Ka’aba

ممكن حد ينولد "في اللي

Or someone may be born in
the future inside the Ka’aba…

هو مش عارف في إيه بينهم وبين
سيدنا علي.

I just don’t know what is
the matter between them and our master Ali..

كل  لغاية الوقت بيحقد على الإمام

They All, up until now,
abhor Ali, the imam

إلا (الذي) بخاف منه،

There are those among them
who are afraid of him

وإلا بخاف بيحقد عليه.

And those among them who hate

بس أنا حقولكم على مسألة

However, I will tell you

أبشركم ببشارة:

I am bringing a good
tiding to you:

اسم سيدنا الإمام حتى الآن
يرعب المنافقين.

The name of our master
Ali, up until now, frightens the hypocrites

المنافق أول ما يسمع اسم علي

As soon as a hypocrite hears
the name of Ali

"أو" ما يسمعه بس

Just on hearing the name

حتى الآن "و" بعد
ألف وأربعمائة سنة.

Till now, after one
thousand and four hundred years

اسم علي حتى الآن بهزهم
"وتصفر" وجوههم.

The name of Ali, until
today shakes them and turns their faces yellow

أول ما يسمعوا اسمه بس.

As soon as they hear the
name alone

قال لي “فيما مضى” ممكن حد ينولد.

He told me in the future
someone may be born in the Ka’aba

قلتلو ربنا حيستره وحيحفظ
البيت الحرام إن حد ينولد فيه ثاني.

I told him, our lord will tuck
away and will guard the sacred house from anyone to be born in it once more

ورد "عليَ" واحد ثاني قال لي
لا ما في واحد انولد اسمه محمد ابن مسلمة في الكعبة.

Another person replied to
me and told me that, no, indeed there is another one who was born in the Ka’aba
and his name was Muhammed ibn Maslamah 

مهي شلة المنافقين وحزب الشياطين
أبوا أن يتركوا منقبة أو كرامة أو خصوصية إلا سرقوها من أمير المؤمنين.

The thing is that the
group of hypocrites and the party of Devil, refused to leave any virtue, badge
of honor or specialty without stealing it from the master of the faithful

يعني أهو الإمام بقول أنا
الصديق الأكبر.

I mean, here is the Imam
saying I am “Al Siddeeq Al Kabar”, that is the greatest truthful one

نعم. حد يسمع ده الوقت أي
حد في بلاد المسلمين يقول عن الإمام الصديق الأكبر أبداً.

Yes. Does anyone nowadays
hear anybody in the Islamic countries refers to the Imam as “Al Siddeeq Al
Kabar”. Never.

خذوا اللقب الشريف ده...سرقوه.

They have taken this
title…They have stolen it.


الإمام بالنص هو الفاروق.

According the saying of
the prophet, the imam, and is the Farooq, the distinguisher

مش مولانا رسول الله....

Is not our master the
messenger of Allah

اللهم صل على محمد
وآل محمد.

اللهم صل على محمد
وآل محمد.

مش قال حبه إيمان وبغضه نقاق.

Has not he said: Love for
Ali (a) is faith, and hatred for Ali is hypocrisy”. ?

مش قال لا يحبك إلا مؤمن ولا يبغضك إلا منافق.

Has not he said: “None
will love you but a believer and none will hate you but a hypocrite”?

هو اللي بفرق بين المنافقين
وبين المؤمنين.

He is the one who
distinguishes between the hypocrites and believers.


Birth and Education:

The Allamah Shekh Hassan Shehate was born in Egypt 1946 in a family flowing the Shafi’ey doctrine & was brought up in a religious environment. He started acquiring the Religious knowledge at a very young age, where his father sent him to Quran class when he was four years old. He memorized the Quran by heart with Tarteel (reading correctly with vocal rules) when he become five years & six months old, he joined Alazhar, where he studied many fields of knowledge. His major specialisation was the Shafi’ey fiqh (law) & Sciences of the holy Quran. He earned his Master degree in Quran exegesis. He is also an authority in the Fiqh (law) and Usul (Law principles) of the other three doctrine sunni schools of Islamic law : the Maliki, the Hanafi and the Hanbali.

His Status as a Sunni Scholar:

Sheikh Shehata is considered as one of the highest Sunnite learned scholars in the fields of ‘Narraters’ and the Quran. He started leading Juma (Friday) prayers since he was thirteen years old. In 1973 he became a preacher of the Egyptian army beside his other duty as an Imam of a mosque and a teacher. He had a weekly program in the Egyptian TV, and has been invited by many Islamic countries to preach and give lessons. 

From his conversion to Shia Islam to his Martyrdom:

Sheikh Hassan’s conversion to Shiism began in 1994 when he saw Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a) in a vision, who ordered him to follow Imam Ali (a.s). In the same vision he saw the early Caliphs in Islam in the forms of dogs standing far away from the prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.a) and Imam Ali (a.s) who was standing next to holy prophet. This vision triggered the Sheikh Hassan to enrol in a vigorous investigation of the history of both the Sunni and the Shi’i creed. In 1996 Sheikh Hassan confirmed that he has converted to Shiism and has announced this emracement of Shia Islam in TV in the Holy Islamic month of Muharram.

Upon his conversion, the now shia activist scholar invited the chairman of the Al azhar institution and other Sunni scholars to a live debate, an offer that was rejected by the scholars who were concerned by a possible wide spread conversion to Shia Islam by the Egyption people as a result of the conversion of such a distinguished scholar. Consequently his active role as a new Shia scholar led him to jail, to exile for some time, and to being beaten to death and lynched in the streets of Egypt.

*edited source:

Who is the Martyr, the Egyptian Shia leader Shaikh Hassan Shehata?*

The Martyr Shehata Speaks

الشهيد شحاتة يتحدث

Shine in the love of God's grace, every day.

This page is dedicated to the Martyr Shaikh Hasan Shehata. A short Biography of the Martyr is given in the right of the page. A sentence-by-sentence translation of main parts of an important speech that was delivered by this great leader is given below, where the original Arabic text of each sentence is also given. The speech is titled “My journey to al-Thaqalayn”, where al-Thaqalayn is a term that means "the two weighty things” and was used by prophet Muhammad SAWA to refer to the Qur'an and Ahl al-Bayt ('people of the house'; Muhammed's family peace be upon them all). The speech is divided into five parts:

Introduction (islam in glance)
​ Ali is the key of understanding monotheism
Attributes of prophet Muhammad SAWA
​The war against prophet Muhammad SAWA
Ali (a.s.), the master of the faithful


My journey to al-Thaqalayn; the two weighty things