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The prayer of Abu Hanifa, the imam the Hanafi Sunni school (Maddhab):

'Abu Hanifa said: If the opening of the prayer, or recitation, is said in Farsi, and the (person) is proficient in Arabic, then (the prayer) is valid. And Abu Yusuf and Muhammad said: “That is not permissible unless he is not proficient in Arabic.”'

وقال أبو حنيفة إن افتتح الصلاة بالفارسية وقرأ بها وهو يحسن العربية أجزاه وقال أبو يوسف ومحمد لا يجزيه إلا أن يكون لا يحسن العربية

Source: Muhammad ibn al-Hassan al-Shaybani (d. 189 AH/804 CE). Al-Mabsut

Note: They said that Abu Hanifa has changed his opinion later in his life. Even if it is true that he has changed his opinion, this whole issue shows that following other than Ahlulbayt (a.s.) is a guaranteed a recipe for disaster and failure, as many Hadiths teaches.

Ouch! Fatwas!

In this section, strange Fatwas (Verdicts) will be presented. We will concentrate on those Fatwas of the founders of the different Islamic schools, and their prominent scholars, especially the famous Fatwas that are challenged by the other schools. A famous Fatwa by head of the Hanafi school is presented bellow.

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