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As for those who strive in Us,

Ibn Ghannam was a supporter and direct student of Muhammad bin 'Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism. His book of the Chronicles of Najd is full of shocking passages where the author proudly reports how they attacked the cities of the Arabian peninsula and the surrounding areas and how “the Muslims” (while refering to themselves, i.e. the Najdis) killed the “Mushrikin” and “Murtadin” (while refering to the Muslims of the whole region!).

When examining his book, you will not believe what read.. For instance, in the attached scanned page, he describes how they broke into "Saihat” where “polytheists” were located and killed 1500 men, women, and children..!!!!(1)

The Original Text (in Arabic) :
"وفي سنة 1206 هـ سار سعود بالمسلمين إلى القطيف يريد أن يطهّر بلدانها من الأصنام والأوثان فأحاط المسلمون ببلدة سيهات وحاصروها ثم تسوّروها وقتلوا من وجدوا فيها وكانوا نحو ألف وخمسائة قتيل واستولوا على جميع ما فيها من الأموال التي لا تعد ولا توصف. ثم قصد المسلمون القديح فدهموا أهلها واستولوا كذلك على ما فيها من الأموال فأصاب حينئذٍ الذعر بلدان القطيف فتهاوت أمام المسلمين فاستولوا على العوَّاميَّة وعنك وغيرها."

(1) Ibn Ghannam, Husayn: Tarikh Najd. 4th ed, page 179, Dar al-Shurouq, Beirut,

The Wahhabi historian Ibn Ghannam proudly and without any shame reports how they massacred 1500 men, women, and children in the Shiite town of Saihat, Saudi Arabia..

A description of the following related scanned page, which is taken from a well-known Sunni source, is given bellow:

We surely guide them to Our paths (Quran)