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This section contains the following articles in relation to the Islamic History:


This section contains the following articles related to Shia/Sunni Debates:


In this section, strange Fatwas (Verdicts) are presented. With concentration on those Fatwas of the founders of the different Islamic schools, and their prominent scholars.

The Sahaba (includes both the Male and the Female Companions of the Prophet SAAW)

A major difference between the Shiites and the Sunnis is their view of the Sahaba, i.e.; the companions of the prophet peace be upon him and his progeny. This difference is explained below. Moreover, we present, evidences from the main books of the Sunnis themselves – where scanned images of the relevant pages are provided- to support the Shia view that the Sahaba are normal human beings!  

Shia Muslims Around the World

This section contains the following articles in relation to the Islamic History:

​WAHHABISM and ibadhism

This section contains important information about Wahhabism, which ascribed unto Shaykh Muhammad, the son of ’Abd al-Wahhab of Najd, Saudi Arabia:



This section contains featured articles related to Politics that are written to continue to be relevant in the long term:


This page aims at assembling a directory of Islamic websites that we have explored and found reliable and objective.


This page mainly presents selected videos of exceptional Islamic lectures and speeches by both Shia and Sunni scholars, in addition to some important and interesting Islamic movies and video clips. The following page is related:


This section contains selected questions that we have answered along with our answers. The questions reached us through different mediums such as email, forums, and social media pages. Most of the questions are related to Shia Islam and Shia/Sunni debates.

Now that I have converted, What’s next? 

... as a new member of the Islamic Ummah, your journey does not end with saying the Shahada (the Muslim declaration of Faith), in fact, it only begins there!


Shia Islam in Bahrain

Despite its small size and population, Bahrain played an instrumental role in spreading the teaching of AhlulBayt a.s.


The Martyr Shehata Speaks

This page is dedicated to the Martyr Shaikh Hasan Shehata.


the ‘turning back’

An article about the ‘turning back’ after the death of Prophet Muhammed SAAW


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